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Best Tyre for Car in India 2024

car tyre

The correct set of tyres is a crucial car component that ensures a safe and smooth ride. However, several tyre brands and models are available in India, making the selection process time-consuming and challenging.

          The best tyre for a car can significantly affect your driving experience, including fuel efficiency, handling, and braking performance.

          The set of tyres is crucial in ensuring a vehicle’s safety, performance, and efficiency. Often overlooked, these rubber components are the only point of contact between your car and the road.

          Here are the best tyre brands in India based on different car types. These brands offer superior performance, durability, and safety on Indian roads, which we have discussed in this list.


Types of Car Tyres

There are mainly three types of car tyres :

Radial tyres: Radial tyres are the most popular and one of the best types of car tyres in India, designed to give excellent grip and stability. These tyres have a layer of steel belts running perpendicular to the travel direction for strength and durability. Radial tyres are ideal for the long drives and offer better fuel efficiency; you can own them for Indian roads.

Tubeless tyres: Tubeless tyres are the most common type of car tyres used in modern-day vehicles in India. They are designed to reduce the risk of punctures and allow for easy repair. These tyres also offer better fuel efficiency and provide a comfortable driving experience.

Bias ply tyres: Bias ply tyres are an older type of tyre design, but they are still used in some vehicles in India. They are designed to run at a diagonal angle to the travel direction, providing flexibility and durability. Bias ply tyres are known for the rough terrain but offer less grip and stability than radial tyres.

List of best tyres for car in India 2024

Here are the list of best tyres for cars in India:

MRF ZVTV Tubeless Car Tyres Price: Rs 3,290

Apollo Amazer Tubeless Car Tyre Price: Rs 3,490

Ceat Secura Drive Tubeless Car Tyre Price: Rs 5,497

JK UX Royale Tubeless Car Tyre Price: Rs 4,693

JK Ranger Tubeless Car Tyre Price: Rs 5,750

Continental Conti Ultra Tubeless Car Tyre Price: Rs 8,450

MRF Wanderer Sport Tubeless Car Tyre Price: Rs 8,050

Ceat Czar HP Tubeless Car Tyre Price: Rs 8,000

Bridgestone Tubeless Car Tyre Price: Rs 15,080

Michelin Pilot Tubeless Car Tyre Price: Rs 19,842

Pirelli CNT Tubeless Car Tyre Price: Rs 22,190

Goodyear Assurance Car Tyre Price: Rs 5,400

Pirelli Tubeless Car Tyre Price: Rs 20,000

In Hatch back Category

MRF ZVTV Tubeless Car Tyre

Best for Hatchback cars


MRF ZVTV Tubeless Car Tyre is a popular and a good tyre for your vehicle from the MRF brand. These tyres come with maximized rubber in the tread pattern to offer good traction. The tyres is known for comfortable ride with a balanced performance to the car.

          The tyre has interlocked buttons with offset sipes for maximum stiffness of blocks for better griping in wet conditions. The speed rating “S” mentions on car tyres that can sprint up to 180 km/h.

          9 variants options available from 14 to 16 sizes for tyres. It is the best option for the right tyres in India ff you are looking for a tyre for a hatchback car.

Price: Rs 3,290




  • The load capacity of the tyres is around 465 kg.
  • The tyres do not get heated up in the summer.
  • The radial tread makes the water evacuation more easily during rainy seasons.


  • The rubber of tyre is soft so tyre is more prone to puncture.

Apollo Amazer Tubeless Car Tyre

Apollo Amazer

Apollo Tyres manufactures one of the best tyre brands for all types of vehicles. The Apollo Amazer 4G Life Tubeless Car Tyre has a unique rubber compound mix.

          It is one of the most used tyres in the hatchback category on dry and wet roads. Apollo Amazer 3g maxx is known for its better all-season performance on the road and extra-long tread life for your car.

          The micropuncture technology provides superior resistance to your car tyre from nail penetration. The tyre has a robust cavity design for better mileage to the car.

          The Apollo Amazer 4G Life is a tubeless tyre available if you are looking for a set of tyre for a hatchback car in a 12 to 15-inch size range. The Apollo Amazer 4G Life is a tyre that promises a tread life to the tyre of over 100,000 km. The tyre is compatible with all hatchback cars.

          One another good tyre from Apollo tyre brand in the market is Apollo Amazer 3g maxx. Apollo Amazer 3g Maxx is suitable for a hatchback car.

          There are 4 variant options available for Apollo Amazer 3g Maxx in the 15-17 size range. It can handle up to 475 kg of your car weight.

Price: Rs 3,490




  • The thread depth and thickness are excellent, keeping the tyre in good contact with roads.
  • The radial construction of tyre makes it effective in mileage.
  • The micropuncture technology makes it less prone to puncture.


  • The tyre always feels underinflated, even after adding more pressure than recommended.

In Crossover Category

Ceat Secura Drive Tubeless Car Tyre

Best for crossover cars

Ceat Secura Drive

Ceat Secura Drive Tubeless Car Tyre is one of the best car tyre brands for Indian roads. Its tyres are specifically designed for premium crossover cars in the Indian automotive market.

          They are the tyres for outstanding control at all speeds on long stretches. The premium radial tyre from CEAT provides a firm holdover on dry and wet roads.

          The rugged yet supple carcass structure and firm edges of tyres for command superior cornering on the highways make it suitable for Indian roads at high speed. Tyre has a speed rating of H (210 km/h) and V (240 km/h) and matches the standards of premium crossover cars.

          The wide longitudinal grooves and chamfered shoulder blocks prevent aquaplaning under wet setups by dispersing water effectively.

          The tyre is available in ten sizes, ranging from 15 to 17, and is compatible with all crossover vehicles and SUVs.

          Ceat Milaze X3 Tubeless Car Tyre from the Ceat Tyre brand is suitable for hatchbacks, crossovers and compact SUVs. CEAT Milaze X3 tyres have been specially designed to offer long tread life and superior performance.

          The innovative tread compound and robust construction of Ceat Milaze X3 minimise tread wear. It is available in 21 variants in sizes 13-17.

Price: Rs 5,497




  • This is made of rubber and silica mix, which makes tyre more durable.
  • This tyre has superior control even at a high speed of around 200 Kmph.
  • The tread design of tyre also limits the noise during high speed.


  • The delivery of tyre takes about 2-3 week.

JK UX Royale Tubeless Car Tyre

JK Tyre UX Royale

JK UX Royale Tubeless Car Tyre is a high-quality tyre brands in India designed to provide superior performance and durability. The high-speed performance comes from the 5-rib asymmetric design, which results in excellent handling on wet roads.

          The UX Royale’s aerodynamic wing design od tyres for providing full strength at high speeds (240KmPH). Its waffle groove pattern helps it offer a quiet ride to the car and improved braking performance.

          The stable shoulder tread blocks increase dry performance while enhancing cornering ability and providing a firm road grip.

          17 variant options available for tyres from size 14 to 16 and are compatible with all crossover cars.

Price: Rs 4,693




  • The tyre does not make any noise, even at high speeds.
  • The multi-pitch sequence on the tyre’s surface gives a good grip on the road.
  • The short braking system of the tyre provides the tyre with a maximum grip in wet conditions.


  • It is made of soft rubber, so it can easily be prone to puncture.

In Compact SUVs Category

JK Ranger Tubeless Car Tyre

Best for Compact SUVs cars

JK Tyre Ranger

JK Ranger Tubeless Car Tyre is one of the best tyres for Indian roads. It is manufactured using high-quality, assured materials and advanced techniques. The advanced circumferential grooves increase the performance of tyres on wet roads.

          The JK Rangers’ high-traction rib design provides full strength at high speeds (200-240KmPH). The extra-fine SIPES on the Tread Surface increase dry performance. This tyre has a Genetic Algorithm for noise reduction even at high speeds above 200 kmph.

This is available in 13 sizes from 16 to 18, and is compatible with all compact SUVs.

Price: Rs 5,750




  • The tyre has good water evacuation capacity.
  • The GA (Genetic Algorithm) Noise engineering of tyres gives low noise.
  • The tyre comes with a smart sensor.


  • The delivery of the tyre may take up to 2-3 weeks.
  • The letters on the side of the tyres are not white, as shown in the picture.

Continental Ultra Contact Tubeless Car Tyre

Continental ContiUltra

Continental Ultra Contact UC6 Tubeless Car Tyre is a premium brand manufactured with highly assured materials and advanced technology. The tyre’s diamond edge pattern increases the contact area and evens out braking forces.

          The specially developed Aqua Drainage elements are positioned to quickly push water through a tube system into the tread grooves, increasing the grip on wet roads.

          The short-grip polymers are activated when driving through corners or while braking. This energy is transformed into heat, enabling high grip and short braking distances.

          This is available in 15 sizes from 16 to 18, and is compatible with all compact SUVs and multi-purpose vehicles.

Price: Rs 8,450




  • The long-mileage polymers are firmly connected, which ensures a high mileage performance.
  • The diamond edge acts as a wiper, clearing the water film away from the tread blocks during short braking.


  • The UC6 has a shorter tread life than some other tyres in its class. This means that you may need to replace them more often.

In MPV Category

MRF Wanderer Sport Tubeless Car Tyre

Best for MPV cars


The MRF Wanderer Sport Tubeless Car Tyre is a performance all-season best tyre manufactured for off-road adventures. This tyre brand has great all-weather road gripping ability, and the unique tread design provides dry, wet, and winter-weather traction.

          The wide grooves on the tyre improve traction and reduce hydroplaning by eliminating water and slush under the tyre.

          Tyre has a multi-layered reinforced steel belt package with an N-66 ply that enhances its performance in any road condition. Additionally, the tyre’s bold sidewall provides a unique and attractive appearance.

          It is available in 4 variants in the 16-18 size range and is compatible with all off-road and MPV vehicles.

Price: Rs 8,050




  • The cut-resistant tread compounds of tyres ensure an excellent grip for off-roading adventures.
  • The radial design makes it excellent on wet roads.
  • It comes with an extendable warranty.


  • The inner steel material is not sturdy.
  • The air nozzle of the tyre is missing.

In Off Road Category

Ceat Czar HP Tubeless Car Tyre

Best for Offroad cars

Ceat 104557

          Ceat is one of the best tyre brands in India. The Ceat Czar HP Tubeless Car Tyre is a reliable tyre for Indian roads. It has a modern computerised tread design that provides visual appeal and enables maximum contact with the surface. The supple sidewalls of the Czar HP provide ample comfort and absorb the road effortlessly.

          Advanced functionalised polymer in the tyre’s compound supports minimal rolling friction, enabling better fuel mileage numbers.

          The hi-tech pitch sequencing and length at the tyre’s tread help reduce noise levels. The integrated grooves at the tread of car tyres allow excellent water dispersal, preventing aquaplaning under slippery situations.

          The Czar HP is available in 6 variants in the size range of 16-18 and is compatible with all multi-purpose vehicles for Indian roads.

Price: Rs 8,000




  • The integration of unique compounds enables higher tyre life and long-term durability.
  • It is noiseless even at high speed.
  • The braking system is good.


  • The material is soft rubber so it gets easily punctured.
  • The tyre also gets heated up in summer.

Bridgestone Tubeless Car Tyre

Bridgestone D684

Bridgestone Tubeless Car Tyre is a highway terrain tyre for SUVs, vans, off-roading vehicles, and light trucks. It offers a comfortable ride with low noise levels.

          The tyres are equipped with a unique tread pattern and quality, which has been optimised to offer a ‘sedan-like comfort’ with superior levels of traction.

          The non-directional treads offer superior wet and dry reactions. The 3 central ribs with tyre grooves provide superior grip for your vehicle on wet roads.

          The tyres are also reducing rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency.

          The tyres are available in 4 variants in the size range of 16-18 in the market, and they are compatible with all off-road SUVs, light trucks, and MPV vehicles on Indian roads.

Price: Rs 15,080




  • The cut-resistant tread compounds of tyres ensure an excellent grip for off-roading adventures.
  • The radial design makes it excellent in wet road conditions.
  • It comes with an extendable warranty.


  • The tyre only has a 65km treadwear warranty, which is shorter than some other all-season tyres.

In Full SUVs Category

Michelin Pilot Tubeless Car Tyre

Best for Full SUVs cars

Michelin PILOT

Michelin Pilot Tubeless Car Tyre is a high-performance summer tyre designed for powerful SUVs. The tyres are optimised for comfort, low noise, and grip in all conditions.

          The hybrid belt of aramid and nylon provides optimised driving precision. The mastered groove design of the tread provides a grip under the lateral solicitation.

          This tyre has optimised notches for better braking on dry roads. The material has a new compound mix with innovative elastomers for improved grip and braking on wet roads.

          The high-density double casing ensures tyre robustness. The tyres are specially designed for full SUVs and light trucks.

Price: Rs 19,842




  • The load capacity of tyre is 1080 kgs.
  • The robust SUV tread pattern provides excellent longevity in tyres.
  • The tyre has a rim protector on both sides.


  • The Pilot Sport 4 SUV is not designed for cold weather or snow and need to switch to winter tyres for those conditions

Pirelli CNT Tubeless Car Tyre

PIRELLI 245/50R18

Pirelli CNT Tubeless Car Tyre is the latest Pirelli Summer high-performance tyre for premium SUVs and crossovers. It focuses on wet performance, mileage, and rolling resistance.

          It provides the driver with a smooth ride and good fuel efficiency. It runs on flat technology, which allows it to be driven up to 80 km/h when punctured.

          The optimised tread design with a specific pitch sequence increases the tyre’s grip. The four wide longitudinal grooves provide outstanding safety and control in potential wet road conditions.

          It is available in more than 20 variants in the 15-18 size range and is compatible with all full SUVs.

Price: Rs 22,190




  • These tyres are less prone to puncture.
  • Pirelli tyres are noiseless, even at high speed.
  • It increases the mileage and fuel efficiency of the vehicle.


  • The price of these tyres is high.
  • Tyres are not easily available in India.

In Sedan Category

Goodyear Assurance Car Tyre

Best for Sedan cars


Goodyear Assurance Car Tyre is a tubeless tyre designed to offer excellent braking ability & improved fuel efficiency. This is a practical tyre for uncertain Indian driving conditions. The access to excellent braking of tyres can make a difference. It has a good power braking capability on wet roads.

          Two compounds used within the tread offer lower rolling resistance and increased cornering grip compared to single-compound tyres.

          The biting edges with large block elements provide an increased contact area for extra security when you apply the brakes. The high molecular bonding provides lower running temperatures and reduces tyre rolling resistance, which increases a tyre’s shelf life.

          The Innovative polymer tread compound with improved molecular bonding extends grip. It is available in 8 variants with tyre size ranging from 15 to 17 and is compatible with all sedan cars.

Price: Rs 5,400




  • It has low rolling resistance, which helps it cover more distance with less fuel.
  • It comes with a tyre fitment at the doorstep, so there is no need to pay extra to fit the tyre.


  • The water dispersal system in tyre could be better.
  • The finishing could be better, and joints and manufacturing defects are visible in tyre.

In All performance Category

Pirelli TUBELESS Car Tyre

Best for All performance cars


Pirelli TUBELESS Car Tyre is a high-performance tyre and an ideal choice of best car tyres for those seeking outstanding performance on the road and on the track. It runs on flat technology, allowing the vehicle to run smoothly on high speed.

          This tyre is reinforced to increase its gripping. The optimised tread design increases tyre grip with a specific pitch sequence. The state-of-the-art technology used in production allows for exceptional grip on all types of road surfaces.

          It is available in more than 5 variants in tyre size range of 16-18 and is compatible with all performance cars.

Price: Rs 20,000




  • It has adynamic handling with short braking distances on wet and dry roads.
  • It has high aquaplaning resistance, allowing water evacuation to run smoothly in wet road conditions.


  • It has average mud and gravel traction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best tyres brand for cars?

The best tyres for car are Ceat, MRF, JK, Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Apollo, and Good Year. These brands manufacture good tyres with extended durability and better grip on Indian roads.

Which is the best tyre for cars?

comparison table

The best tyres for car are MRF ZVTV Tubeless Car Tyres. These tyres have a tread pattern designed with maximised rubber for improved traction. They provide a comfortable ride while maintaining a balanced performance.

Which tyre is the right tyre size for my car?

To determine the right tyre size for your car, refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual or the placard located on the driver’s side door jamb.

          This includes the recommended tyre size, load index, and speed rating suitable for a specific make and model. Additionally, you can find the current tyre size on your existing tyres’ sidewall markings.

tyre feature

What should I consider when buying tyres for my car in India?

Factors to consider when buying tyres for cars in India

  • Type of car and driving conditions
  • Road Condition
  • Tyre size and type
  • Tread pattern and design
  • Brand

Can I mix different tyre brands on my car?

Mixing the different brands of tyres is not recommended as it can affect handling and performance. Using the same brand and model of tyres on all four wheels is best.

How often should I get my car alignment checked?

Always get your vehicle’s wheels aligned every 2 to 3 years. However, to ensure the utmost safety for yourself and others around you. It is advisable to have a wheel alignment performed every time you change your vehicle’s oil.

How often should I change tyres?

A tyre should be replaced every 5 to 6 years, even if the tread is not worn out for the vehicle’s safety. However, it is recommended that tyres and treads be examined more frequently to determine whether they need to be replaced sooner or later.

Which tyre is better, Bridgestone or MRF?

Bridgestone is renowned for producing high-quality tyres with good performance and durability. Their tyres are widely preferred for their exceptional handling, longevity, and traction. On the other hand, if you are looking for affordable options, MRF could be a suitable choice.

          However, if you prioritise long-term performance and are willing to invest in higher-quality tires, Bridgestone may be the better option.

Which tyre pressure is recommended tyre pressure for cars on Indian roads?

The recommended tyre pressure for different cars in India is explained below image:

types of cars

What are tread patterns and different types of tread patten?

Tyre tread is the rubber part of tyre that touches the road. The larger the contact area, the better the grip. This is why race car tyres are wider – to increase the contact patch.

          Some race car tyres have no grooves, which means the entire surface comes into contact with the ground, providing maximum grip. These tyres are called slick tyres.

          However, they are not legal for use on regular roads because they cannot displace water on wet surfaces, which can cause hydroplaning and be very dangerous.

Parts of Tread pattern:

Blocks: Tread blocks are raised rubber blocks separated by grooves along a tyre’s circumference. They provide grip, which depends on their size and shape.

Tread pattern

Rib: Ribs in tyres suppress noise and perform specific functions. The central rib provides traction during acceleration and braking, while the shoulder rib provides traction during cornering.


Sipes: Sipes are slits in tyre tread that disperse water, preventing hydroplaning. They create additional biting edges, improving traction.


Types of tread patterns:

There are three main types of tyre tread patterns:

  1. Symmetric or multi-directional
  2. Asymmetric
  3. Directional
tread pattern


Selecting a tyre is appropriate for your vehicle can have a significant impact on your driving experience, safety, and the expenses. When choosing a tyre for your car, it’s important to consider factors like your driving style, the type of road conditions you usually encounter, and your vehicle’s specific requirements.

          Furthermore, by going through user reviews and seeking advice from tyre experts you can make an informed decision based on particular needs which tyre are required.

          Per our recommendation, the best tyres in India for hatchback cars you can buy is MRF ZVTV Tubeless Car Tyre, it provides comfortable rides with balanced performance.

          For crossover cars, the best car tyres you can buy is Ceat Secura Drive Tubeless Car Tyre, this is suitable for various Indian road conditions.

          The best car tyres for compact SUVs is JK Ranger Tubeless Car Tyre. This best car tyre provides full strength and the noiseless ride even at high speed.

          The best car tyres in India for MPV vehicles is MRF WANDERER Sport Tubeless Car Tyre, tyre has better grip and durability and can be used in off-roading vehicles too.

          For off-roading best recommended tyre Bridgestone Tubeless Car Tyre, suitable in all weather and road situations. The best car tyres for Full SUVs is Michelin PILOT SPORT SUVs Tyre this is specially designed for full SUVs cars.

          For sedan, the best tyre Goodyear Assurance Car Tyre,it has power braking capacity on wet roads and also helps in fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

          For high-performance vehicles, the PIRELLI TUBELESS Car Tyre the best car tyre in India as it runs on flat technology which allows the vehicle to run smoothly on high speed.

          Please let us know in the comments section below or email us via the contact page at “The Simple Indian “, which is your favourite pick out of the list of best car tyres in India! Remember, we are always here to answer your questions and hear your suggestions. Become a part of “The Simple Indian” family today 🙂

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