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The Simple Indian

” Simplifying Your Life “


What we all want is a “Simple life” although we try comically, our very best to complicate things. Especially in 2023 after the pandemic, among the wars so called “conflicts” and with overexposure to propaganda I mean news, it really is hard to get a clutter free perspective. There is where we come in at the “Simple Indian” –

“Honest reviews and suggestions which make your rupee go further than the moon!”

We will showcase the very best of every category along with the mavericks who are trying to change the space with their products or services. So, no matter if you are a petrolhead and are looking for a wax for your car or you are a budding entrepreneur and are looking to find the best web hosting, we have you covered!


The quest for Indian Simplicity

As Indians living in the 21st century life can seem pretentious sometimes even disconnected from the simplicity that “India” as a state has to offer. Above all, thousands of years of civilisational knowledge which has not been preserved well or not been updated to suit modern life. And the result is that we as Indians shy away from the learnings of our mythology yes I said mythology not a religion, sue me or please don’t I have no money 😉 The concept of leading a “simple” life is omnipresent across civilisations and cultures across the globe. However, what can be “simple” is a matter of hot debate however we believe that this matter is an internal one. 

          The world we perceive and see comes from within, it’s a projection of what is inside that completes our vision outside. That is why as modern this problem might seem, everyone wants to experience and get the best out of their life. Whether it be a product they use like a toothbrush to a hard earned vacation. Our aim at the “Simple Indian” is to enhance your life by bringing the very best of what India and the globe has to offer. Hundreds of innovators all across the country are working day in and day out to deliver you products which will make you feel like “why, didn’t I know that my money could get me access to such quality in India?”.

A place for all Indians

So consider joining us on this journey, it’s going to be worth every heartbeat. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best, in what India has to offer. Brands across India which deliver more value for your money than their predecessors. Combined with genuine no bullshit content to help you make well informed and swift purchase decisions. Welcome to the family and be proud to be a “Simple Indian” . This is a safe place for all Indians, no matter what community you belong to or what beliefs you hold. As long as you are kind to fellow human beings and are doing your part in improving the world we inhabit we do not care about your skin colour, shape, financial capabilities or religious beliefs Just be a nice and “Simple” human being !

          An interesting outlook on the concept of being Indian. Please, give it a read and feel free to send us your views about it-


          And yes, just because we are referring to an article by the Isha foundation, we do not support all of their views and actions. No human can be perfect and that is why no human can be God 😉


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