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Archit Bansal


Fun Questions

What’s the most unusual fear you have?
One unusual fear😵‍💫 I have is that if I decide to take a nap🥱 during the day, someone might unexpectedly come to my home and disturb my sleep. It makes me anxious because I’d have to pretend to be happy and awake😬, even though I really just want to continue sleeping peacefully.
If you could time travel to any era in history, which would you choose?
I would choose to journey back to the era of Tansen🎶, the legendary musician in the court of Emperor Akbar. I’m fascinated by the tales of his mesmerizing music, where it’s said that when he sang, nature itself seemed to respond. People said when he sang, rain fell, peacocks danced🦚, and even clouds looked happy. I’d love to hear his music and see these wonderful things for myself.
If you could have any celebrity be your best friend, who would it be?
If I could choose any celebrity to be my best friend💃, it would be Pankaj Tripathi. He seems like a very down-to-earth person with zero ego, and I admire that about him. Having him as a friend would mean genuine conversations, shared laughs🤪, and a true connection beyond the glitz and glamour of celebrity life.

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