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7 Best Formal Dress Combination for Male in India 2024


In the real world of men’s fashion, choosing the best formal outfit combination is an art that requires a blend of sophistication and individual style. The outfit a man selects for formal occasions reflects his taste in fashion and communicates professionalism and confidence.

          The best formal dress combination for male should seamlessly have to merge classic elements with contemporary trends, striking a balance between tradition and modernity.

          Figuring out the best formal dress combination could also prove to be a daunting task. If you are looking for the best formal dress combination for male, you can get the best idea from this article.


List of 7 best Formal Dress Combination for male

Waist Coat

Grey Waist Coat + Light Blue Shirt + Indigo trouser + Tan Dress Shoes Combination

Grey Waist

This mens formal outfit combination of Indigo trousers with a blue shirt and grey blazer is one of best choices for a formal outfit for a business and casual event.

          An exact and best grey shade blazer can make a significant difference. A grey blazer is a versatile piece of clothing that every man should have in his wardrobe. The price of this blazer is Rs 5,169.

          A light blue shirt is timeless choice in a price of Rs 969 that goes perfect with almost anything. This is a cool and refreshing color that can make your look the most polished and put together.

          Indigo is a dark, rich blue color that can be paired with different shirt colors. An Indigo trouser are the more interesting best alternative to black or navy trousers and can add personality to your outfit. The price of this trouser is Rs 1,429.

          A navy tie in price of Rs 949 is classic and the most safe choice that will never go out of style. Tan formal shoes are a good way to add warmth to your outfit. The price of shoe is Rs 1,049.

light blue shirt

Accessory ideas for formal wear

You can accessorize this best formal wear combination with a leather strap watch, navy pocket square, a golden tie clip, or a cufflink. You can also add a tan color belt to complete your this look. This outfit combination of formal attire is one of the best formal dress combinations from that you can a great formal look.

You can get this look for Rs 9,565.

Lavender Purple Coat + Light Blue Shirt + Blue trousers + Brown Shoes Combination

Lavender Purple

Another best mens formal combination to wear is a lavender-purple blazer with a navy blue trousers, light blue shirt and tan shoes, this is the best option if you are looking for a wedding or a party occasions.

          The lavender-purple blazer is the key element of this outfit. It is essential to be choose a well-tailored coat in a subtle and elegant shade of lavender. Avoid overly bright or saturated purples that you find too casual. The price of this blazer is Rs 2,176.

          A light blue formal shirt with blue pants for men in price of Rs 1,169, work to complement the lavender purple and create a complete formal flow. This combination is giving a cool and refreshing look to the entire look.

          A rich navy pair of pants will complete your formal look. Lighter shades of blue trousers can work too, but might lean more towards smart casual. The price of this pair of pant is Rs 1,439.

          A rich, dark brown leather shoes in price of Rs 2,050 will complement the other colors and add a touch of warmth and elegance.

          Avoid light brown or tan shoes, as they might clash with the cool tones of the outfit. This is the right entire formal outfits for men and this is a great option if you want to wear for a wedding or a party.

rich, dark brown leather shoes

Accessory ideas for formal wear look

To coordinate this look, you can add a purple tie and pocket square with cufflinks This monochromatic choice complements the lavender-purple blazer coat and brings the entire ensemble together. The price of this combo is Rs 499. You can enhance the look with a leather/strap watch and brown belt. You could also try a different pattern for the tie or pocket square, such as polka dots or plain.

You can get this look for Rs 7,333.


Wine Blazer + White Pant+Dark Brown Shoe Combination

Wine Blazer

The combination of a wine blazer and white pants with dark brown shoes can create the best formal attire for a sophisticated and stylish formal look if you are looking for weddings and other special occasions.

          A deep plum wine blazer is the best and safest choice for your formal attire, but you can also experiment with lighter or richer shades based on your style and the occasion. A wine-colored blazer will add a touch of elegance and richness to your formal outfits so that you get a great formal look. The price of the blazer is Rs 2,066.

          The White pants will provide a clean and crisp contrast to the deep wine color of the blazer, contributing to the overall formal and polished appearance. The price of the pants is Rs 1,999.

          Dark brown shoes will complement the warm tones of the wine blazer, adding a grounded and classic touch. The price of this pair of shoes is Rs 2,339.

          You can also get a casual look from this blazer by pairing it with black and white chinos, a grey and white t-shirt, and a pair of loafer shoes.

loafer shoes

Accessory ideas for formal wear

You can add a white pocket square to complete your outfit more decently. A watch and dark brown leather belt can pair with this look.

You can get this look for Rs 6,404.


Nehru Jacket

Black Nehru Jacket+Off White Trouser+ White Shirt Combination

Black Nehru Jacket

A combination of a black Nehru jacket, white shirt and off-white trousers can create the most formal and sophisticated look for men if you are looking for the best formal occasion.

          This Nehru jacket, known for its collarless design in a price of Rs 1,539 comes in a buttoned placket that extends to the neckline, adds a touch of traditional elegance to the formal attire for men. Black is versatile, exudes sophistication, and pairs well with lighter shades of shirt and pants for the best formal outfit.

          Off-white or cream-coloured trousers complement the black Nehru jacket very nicely. The price is Rs 2,799. The light-colored shirt with the dark blazer combination adds contrast to the overall look while maintaining a formal appearance.

          A classic white shirt a timeless choice for formal wear in a price of Rs 1439. It provides a clean and crisp backdrop for the jacket and trousers. Ironing the shirt well and tucking it in properly for a polished appearance is essential.

          You must complete the look with formal footwear such as black or brown shoes. Make sure your shoes are clean and polished to enhance the overall neatness of the outfit.

black or brown shoes

Accessory ideas for formal wear

The red pocket square a great way to add a pop of colour to an outfit. The price of this square is Rs 299. This subtle yet impactful detail draws attention to the chest area. Also, it enhances the overall men’s formal shirt jacket combination outfit.

          You can create a stylish mens formal look by folding the pocket square neatly in a classic or unique style. A high-quality black /brown leather or chain strap watch will enhance the look even more.

You can get this look for Rs 6,076.

Light Pink Nehru Jacket + MaroonTrouser + White Shirt + Black Shoes Combination

Light Pink Nehru Jacket

The combination of a textured light pink Nehru jacket, maroon trousers, a white shirt and black shoes is one of the best formal dress combinations, which can create a stylish and sophisticated look if you want for the best formal events like weddings and traditional festivals.

          The textured light pink Nehru jacket adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the outfit. The Nehru collar provides a unique and traditional Indian touch. The price of this jacket is Rs 1,699.

          The textured fabric adds visual interest and dimension to the formal outfits. If you are looking for an extra well balanced look the contrasting color of the maroon trousers complements the pink jacket nicely and come in price of Rs 1,549.

          A classic white shirt is the most ideal choice for a clean and crisp base for the rest of outfit. This mens formal white shirt with pink jacket come in price of Rs 1,037, which helps in the balancing the bolder colors of jacket and trousers. The black loafer shoes are a versatile option that pairs well with the right color trousers. You can choose this to add a touch of formality in the outfit.

Light Pink

When putting together this best formal combination, consider the fit of each garment to ensure a well-tailored and cohesive look. This formal outfit combines a mix of traditional and modern elements, making it a stylish choice for events ranging from semi-formal gatherings to more formal occasions.

Accessory ideas for formal wear

You have to elevate this formal dress look with the wearing a watch, and with the maroon color pocket square. Keep your hair neat and combed well.

You can get this look for Rs 4,285.


Shirt and Pant Combination

Light Yellow Shirt + Cream Pant + Dark Brown Shoes Combination

Light Yellow Shirt + Cream Pant

This combination is one of best formal attire you should have if you are looking for a formal outfits. Wearing a cream pants light yellow shirt and and dark brown shoes along with suitable accessories can give a very clean and sober formal look for men. You can wear this formal outfit for any occasion, such as daily office wear, parties, and even weddings with additional accessories.

          The pairing for this look with a specific shade of yellow shirt, such as pale lemon or buttery yellow, you can lend a more relaxed vibe for your outfit, while golden or mustard yellow can be bolder and more eye-catching color of shirt and to be avoided. The price of this shirt is Rs 949.

          Apart from the shirt, you can choose the exact shade of cream trousers. A warm ivory or off-white can add a touch of luxury to your attire. The price of this pants is Rs 1,755.

          Depending on the formality of the occasion, you should choose oxfords, derby shoes, loafers, or even boots. The pairing for this look with a black/brown Loafers shoes can give you a more formal look.

Light Yellow Shirt

Accessory ideas for formal wear

To look versatile in a shirt and pant outfit, pair your formal outfit with a dark brown belt that matches the color of your shoes. Consider a brown leather watch strap for a complementary accessory to match the shoes and belt.

          Alternatively, if you prefer a metal watch, silver or gold could both work with this formal dress. A brown-tone shade can enhance this best formal look a little more.

You can get this look for Rs 2,704.

White Shirt + Dark Green Pant + Dark Brown Shoes Combination

White Shirt + Dark Green Pant

This Dark Green Pant with white shirt and dark Brown shoe combination is turn out to be one of best formal attire for men for work wear like for a job interview. If you are pairing with proper accessories this is also one of best for weddings and other occasions for men.

          Dark green, a rich and earthy color that complements white beautifully. It is adding adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to an outfit of men while maintaining a high level of versatility.

          Dark green trousers pair well with various colors and can be suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions for men. The price of this trouser is Rs 969.

          A man’s wardrobe is not complete without a white formal shirt. White is the best and most timeless color in a shirt that goes well with almost anything and white shirt can be dressed up or down, making it a best wardrobe staple. The price of this shirt is Rs 1,207.

          The earthy tone of dark brown shoes complements the dark green pants while adding warmth to the overall ensemble. Dark brown shoes are also versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits. You can elevate your this formal outfit and to look more versatile try wearing a beige color or dark brown color blazer and a tie.

White Shirt

Accessory ideas for formal wear look

A belt matching your shoe color, and a black strap watch in this outfit can give you a more sleek and versatile look. You can also wear a brown scarf and grey shades.

You can get this look for Rs 2,176.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best formal dress code for men?

The best formal dress code for men is to wear solid-colored trousers with a shirt that contrasts in color and a blazer that matches the trousers. It is best to wear a tie and formal black or brown shoes with this outfit.

          This is important to ensure that all clothing items are of your size, well-fitted, properly ironed, and shoes are well-polished. The accessories like cufflinks, pocket squares are the finishing touch in this formal outfit.

best formal dress code for men

What is the difference between dress shirts and formal shirts of men?

The difference between dress shirts and formal shirt of men is the presence of pockets. The dress shirts don’t have pockets whereas formal shirts come with pockets. 

dress shirts and formal shirts of men

What is the key point to remember while choosing a formal pant-shirt combination for men?

Apart from the colors of shirt and pant for men that go well in formal combination settings, you have to make sure that the fit of the shirt and pants is tailored to fit and fits you properly. You should wear a formal show with this formal combination.

pant-shirt combination

What is the best formal dress combination for men with darker skin tones?

The best formal dress combination for men with darker skin can include a formal look with color combination focused on rich, saturated colors like deep blues, emeralds, purples, or burgundy.

darker skin tones

What are the different type of collar of formal shirts for men?

The different types of collar of a formal shirt for men are:

type of collar


Selecting the appropriate combination of formal dress for men may be difficult, but it is crucial to bear in mind that the objective is to discover an ensemble that is both trendy and comfortable.

          A well-fitting suit that is in a versatile color (navy blue, charcoal) is cornerstone of any formal wardrobe. The best formal dress combination is the one that makes you feel confident and appropriate for the occasion.

conclusion img

Please let us know in the comments section below or email us via the contact page at “The Simple Indian “, which is your favourite pick of best formal dress combination for men out of the list! Remember, we are always here to answer your questions and hear your suggestions. Become a part of “The Simple Indian” family today 🙂

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