11 Best Helmets Under 5000 in India 2024

Two-wheeler riding is always full of adventures, especially for youngsters. However, safety should be the topmost priority while riding. A good quality helmet is essential for protecting your head, skull, and face during unwanted situations on the road. For those seeking the best protection without breaking the bank, the “Best Helmets Under 5000” offer excellent options

          There are plenty of options available for helmet under 5000 in India. Still, it would help if you always went for a good, sturdy ISI and DOT ECE-certified helmet for safety and more protection.

Tips to pick the best helmets under 5000 for your two-wheeler ride

  • Certification – Always ensure the helmet has ISI certification that meets all the safety standards. DOT and ECE certifications are also recommended.
  • Type of Helmet – Always choose the helmet based on your riding needs like full face, which covers the full head, neck, and face; open face, which covers only the head; and modular helmet, which covers the head, face and neck, but you can flip up the chin bar.
  • Shell Material – ABS and Polycarbonate are highly recommended shell materials. Fiberglass is also sturdy but expensive.
  • Comfort – You should always check that the helmet’s interior padding should be breathable with multiple pores. The padding should also be removable and washable.
  • Weight – The helmet’s weight is also an ideal point to check, as a helmet with less weight will put less strain on your neck. The ideal weight for helmets is approximately 1.5 kg.
  • Visor – You should always wear a helmet whose visor is scratch-resistant, anti-fog, and comes with a quick-release mechanism.
  • Ventilation – Proper ventilation in the helmets is a crucial point to check. Always look for vents in the helmet; the more vents there are, the more the air circulates to your head.

This article will cover the 11 best helmets under 5000, along with a guide on selecting the best one per your needs. We have carefully evaluated product features and recommend high-quality helmets that offer complete safety without burning a hole in your pocket.

List of the best Helmets under 5000 in India

If you are looking for a good and sturdy helmet, this article will greatly help. We have covered some of the best helmets along with their specific features.

Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator ISI Certified Full Face Graphic Helmet

Best Overall

Steelbird SBH-17: Best Helmets Under 5000

Among the best helmets under 5000 in India, the Steelbird SBH-17 Full Graphic Helmet is a full-face helmet from the Steelbird brand with all the safety parameters set by ISI and DOT ECE.

          The graphical design of this full-face helmet with a black smoke visor and internal sun visor attracts youngsters. The visor change mechanism is also of quick release type for ease.

          The padding used in the graphic helmets is an Italian design base that makes the helmet breathable, making you feel more comfortable.

          The inner lining given with helmets is removable and washable to maintain hygiene. The Innovative ventilation system is also equipped with an air intake in the chin guard. So, the air intake in the front & also at the top area recycles air inside the helmet.

Price: Rs 2,069




  • The high-quality polycarbonate is coated on the visor of the graphic helmet to protect the helmet visor from scratches.
  • The upper part of the helmet comes with a vent and works as an air booster system to keep your head sweat-free.


  • The padding is not enough, after regular use it starts shrinking.
  • The screws of the visor are also of plastic instead of metal which can be breakable.

Axor Apex Dc Joker ISI ECE DOT Certified Full Face Dual Visor Helmet

If Money is not an object

Axor Apex: Best Helmets Under 5000

Axor is a well-known brand for its one of the best helmets. To make its customers happier, Axor in collaboration with an American DC entertainment company has come up with an exclusive range of character helmet, and Axor Apex DC Joker Helmet is the first of this kind.

          The dual EPS liner of a helmet fits the head perfectly to absorb the energies of an impact and avoid penetration. The lock with Double D-ring secures the helmet and the head to prevent them from rolling.

          The upper air intake vent maximizes air volume into the helmet’s interior. The back outlet vent, integrated with the spoiler, ensures optimal ventilation within the helmet.

          The bike helmet has passed testing like penetration resistance, surface projection, Rigidity test and tensile test under hot, cold submerging and ambient weather conditions for ISI DOT ECE certification.

Price: Rs 6,049




  • Helmets are aerodynamically designed with upper and back air vents for proper ventilation.
  • The paint used in the coating of the outer shell is UV resistant which protects the helmet from heating up during the daytime.


  • The blue sun visors in helmets are sometimes missing in the packaging. You have to contact the seller for this.

Vega Crux Dx Checks Flip-Up Full Face Helmet

Value for Money

Vega Crux Dx : Best Helmets Under 5000

Out of the best helmets, the full-face Vega Crux Dx flip-up helmet from Vega is good option for versatility for city and off-road riders. The chin guard opening system on this is designed to prevent accidental opening.

          The removable and washable lining of the vega helmet helps maintain hygiene. This Vega helmet is crafted with a unique high-impact ABS material shell, which gives it a textured finish. This helmet has thick, breathable padding for snuggle fit and comfortable rides.

Price: Rs 1,606




  • The inner padding of this full-face helmet is easily removable and washable.
  • The buckle system of the visor is made of metal so less chance of breakage.


  • You have to stretch the helmet strap completely if you want to the lock because the chain strap is not of enough length.
  • This full-face helmet is not fully scratch-resistant you will find some scratches on the body of the helmet after regular usage.

Steelbird SBA-8 Crazy Wheel ISI Certified Flip-Up Helmet

Steelbird SBA-8 : Best Helmets Under 5000

The Steelbird SBA-8 Crazy Wheel ISI Certified Flip-Up Helmet is one of the best helmets under 5000 in India. The outer shell is injected with a special high-impact grade of engineering thermoplastic for sturdiness.

          The helmet features regulated density EPS (thermocol) padding, specially treated with anti-allergic velveteen to maintain hygiene. It comes with an easy one-button flip-up mechanism for quick release of the chin guard. The helmet has an Italian design hygienic interior with multi pore for better ventilation during hot weather.

Price: Rs 2,319




  • The multi-layer EPS (Thermocol) is high and low density for more safety with air channels.
  • The Dynamic ventilation system is used in a good way to increase air ventilation and for maintaining air circulation.


  • Helmet padding shrinking over time could leave your head vulnerable in accidents.
  • The visor screw is of plastic material as compared to a metal screws.

Royal Enfield Open Face Helmet with Bubble Visor Matt Black

Royal Enfield: Best Helmets Under 5000

With internationally recognized certifications like ISI, ECE and DOT, Royal Enfield Open Face helmet helmets under 5000 will keep you safe throughout your adventures. The Open face with bubble Visor come with a unique strength Optical grade Poly-Carbonate material and hard coat for better scratch resistance. If you are looking for a helmet in a vintage style, then this is a good option out of all sturdy helmets.

          The adjustable nylon chin straps with padding for better grip and enhance comfort during driving. The helmet has a high-density 3-piece EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) liner at the head, cheek and chin for more safety.

Price: Rs 2,320




  • The helmet has a goggle holder with a press button lock at the back for goggle band locking.
  • You will not feel suffocative as the visor has a V notch for nose spacing.


  • There is no option available for bubble visor shade as darker shades are more convenient during peak sunlight.

Steelbird SA-2 Terminator 2.0 Aeronautics Helmet

Steelbird SA-2: Best Helmets Under 5000

The sturdy Steelbird SA-2 Terminator 2.0 Aeronautics Helmet is one of the best ISI-certified helmets under 5000 in India. This helmet’s outer shell is made up of high impact-resistant thermoplastic which makes it sturdy and lighter in weight.

          The unique spoiler feature at the back makes the helmet’s design more aerodynamic and keeps it stable during high-speed cruising.

          This motorcycle helmet under 5000 comes with dual visor, an internal sun visor and an external anti-fog visor with pin lock.

Price: Rs 3,779




  • The inner padding is breathable and comes with extra cushioning for neck support.
  • The anti-fog shield helps in better visibility during winter.


  • It does not come with a double D-ring strap for an easy-release mechanism strap.
  • You need to wash the inner padding more frequently as the helmet starts giving a sweaty smell.

Royal Enfield DS Escapade Helmet

Royal Enfield: Best Helmets Under 5000

The Royal Enfield DS Escapade Helmet is a uniquely designed helmets under 5000 to match your off-road motorcycling adventures. It has a high-impact-resistant outer shell and an aerodynamic design for more comfort.

          The visor is aerodynamic, therefore it does not lift in the wind like a true off-road helmet and provides more safety. The helmet comes with jaw protection and a vent near the jaw is removable for more air ventilation.

Price: Rs 3,314




  • The visor and outer shell of the helmet are resistant to UV protection.
  • The velveteen anti-allergic padding used in helmet is breathable.


  • The noise reduction by a helmet is much less as compared to other brand helmets.
  • The chain strap of the helmet must be of more length, as you have to stretch completely to get it locked.

Ignyte IGN-8 Pumpkin ISI/DOT Certified Graphic Helmet

Ignyte IGN-8: Best Helmets Under 5000

The Ignyte IGN-8 Pumpkin Graphic Helmet comes in glossy and graphic look, that attracts youngsters. These helmets are one of the best helmets under Rs 5000 in India certified by DOT ECE and ISI.

          It comes with a high-quality double D-ring lock closure for extra safety and fastening closure. The internal sun visor protects you from harsh sunlight. The hypoallergenic liner and contoured cheek pads help you in a comfort.

           Helmet under 5000 comes with a double visor with pin lock system to be ensure fog-free vision for you during winter season. The mechanism of the visor is quick release.

Price: Rs 4,749




  • The padding fits the head perfectly without causing discomfort.
  • The Ignyte IGN comes with vents on every side for proper ventilation.


  • The locking system is not of good quality.
  • The bubble forms immediately after removing the yellow wrap from anti fog visor.

Axor Apex Venomous ISI ECE DOT Certified Full Face Dual Visor Helmet

Axor Apex: Best Helmets Under 5000

The Axor Apex Venomous Full Face Dual Visor Helmet scores high on safety with its multiple certifications like ISI, ECE and DOT for quality helmet. The durable polycarbonate shell in axor apex venomous comes in glossy and matte finishes which makes it attractive in design. Axor Apex helmet under 5000 can be used for off-road riding and city rides.

          Motorcycle helmet has a dual visor system, the outer clear visor being fog-resistant due to pin lock and the inner tinted visor protects you from harsh sunlight. The quick-release mechanism of axor apex venomous allows changing visors without any hassle.

          The face helmet axor apex come with a high-quality double D-ring lock closure for safety.

Price: Rs 4,994




  • It is perfect to wear in any weather conditions as the axor apex venomous helmet comes with dual visor pin lock system.
  • This motorcycle helmet come with a breathable chin guard and curtain for proper ventilation and comfort.


  • The visor of the axor apex venomous helmet sometimes gets stuck and does not open properly when pressing the sliding button.

Axor Che Legendary ISI Certified Open Face Matt Helmet

Axor Che: Best Helmets Under 5000

The Axor Che Legendary open-face helmet is a DOT ECE and ISI-certified helmet. The quality helmet is a set of uber-cool, vintage-style designs for maximum protection and comfort for you on the road.

           The handcraft leather with all its imperfections and variations is use in its original form. An antique bronze fitting is given to lend the helmets and is giving the helmet a unique old-world look.

          The goggles come with a leather strap giving the helmet a stylish look and fit properly around the head.

Price: Rs 4,744




  • The Goggles come with motorcycle helmet ensuring you protection against dust, wind and sunlight while driving.
  • The lock strap is made of leather instead of metal, so it will not stuck during the locking of a helmet.
  • The edges of the helmet come with a finish of trim leather, so it will provide you should more comfort.


  • You will feel uncomfortable at the top of the helmet. There is no cushioning at the top of the helmet and you will feel uncomfortable.
  • You can not wear the glasses during fog because they are not anti-fog.

Ignyte IGN-4 Trever ISI / DOT Certified Double Visor Full Face Helmet

Ignyte IGN-4: Best Helmets Under 5000

The Ignyte IGN-4 Trever full-face helmet comes with unique graphic design and glossy look. The Ignyte IGN-4 motorcycle helmet is the world’s first helmet with NACA Duct airflow technology, this airflow system is also used in aircraft and supercars.

          The double NACA inlets above the shield allow the entry of the large volume of air inside the helmet to refresh and dehumidify the interior. The NACA inlets on this back of the helmet allow quick extraction of the stale air.

          The dual visor change mechanism is quick release. It is one of the best helmet under 5000 out of the most popular helmets among youngsters. It is a full-face helmet so recommended for both city rides and offroad adventures.

Price: Rs 4,274




  • The hypoallergenic liner on this helmet and contoured cheek pads provide more comfort.
  • The bike helmet has multiple vents for air that maintain the proper air circulation and ventilation during the ride.


  • As the ideal weight recommended for helmet is approximately 1.5 Kg but the weight of this helmet is 2.2 Kg.
  • The cushioning of the helmet is much less as compared to the size of the helmet.
  • You have to set the inner sun visor manually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Which is the best helmet in India under 5000 rupees?

The best helmet in India under 5000 rupee is the Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator ISI Certified Full Face Graphic Helmet, which meets all the safety standards and is affordable in price.

How to Choose the Best Helmet Under 5000?

For choosing the best helmets always you can check for ISI DOT or ECE certification to meet all the safety standards. Always go with helmet which has a sturdy outer shell, impact-absorbing EPS liner, comfortable inner padding, and good quality visor.

What are the differences between full-face, modular and open-face helmets?

The face helmets protect only the head, they provide good visibility and ventilation but less protection.

          The full-face helmets offer you maximum protection by covering the head, neck and face, but if air vent lacking it does not provide proper ventilation.

          The modular helmets also cover the head, neck and face, you can flip up their chin bar for better airflow but they are heavier in weight.

differences: Best Helmets Under 5000

Which helmet brand is most popular in India?

The Steelbird brand is the most popular brand you can find in India. They manufacture one of the best helmets which are good quality, affordability, and stylish.

Should I buy a costlier branded helmet?

It is not necessarily you to buy a costlier branded helmet. There are many options of the best helmets available which are affordable in price and meet all the standards of certifications. However, the costlier helmets come only with add-on features like extra visors, Bluetooth connectivity, etc.

How do I ensure safety when choosing a budget helmet?

Always check the size of the helmet and pick the one which is ideal according to the size of your head. For a precise fit, remove the cheek pads if the helmet feels tight initially. Always go with helmet which is to be certified by ISI, DOT and ECE and a helmet that snuggly fits your head.

Which helmet shape is the best?

It all depends upon the choice of the riders, some riders like helmet with a round shape and some like an oval-shaped helmet. A helmet that snuggly fits to your head is the best shape helmet for you.

Which brand of helmets in India is best known for safety under 5000?

Steelbird and Axor are the best brands for safe and high-protection helmets under 5000. Some of the helmet under 5000 from the other reliable brands Royal Enfield, Ignyte, Studds and Vega are also good.

What are DOT and ECE-certified helmets?

DOT stands for Department of Transportation, it is the helmet safety certification and the standard followed in the USA. ECE stands for Economic Commission of Europe, this helmet safety certification standard is followed in European countries. A helmet with DOT ECE certifications is the best helmets in the world.



I hope this article proves to help know if you want to know about the features, style, price and availability of some of the best helmets in India under 5000. Choosing a certified sturdy helmet is always recommended for better safety and protection and ensures. So it is always advisable if you want to buy a helmet, not to compromise the quality and sturdyness of the helmet.

           There are many best-known brands like Vega, Axor, Steelbird, Royal Enfield and many more which have the best certified sturdy, and affordable range helmets under 5000.

           Per our recommendation, if you are looking out of all the the best under 5000 in India Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator ISI Certified Full Face Graphic Helmet is the best option with all the safety standards.

           Please let us know in the comments section below or email us via the contact page at “The Simple Indian “, which is your favourite pick out of the list! Remember, we are always here to answer your questions and hear your suggestions. Become a part of “The Simple Indian” family today ?

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