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Simple Mehndi Design

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“Experience the timeless beauty of henna with stunning simple mehndi designs for women, where traditional art meets contemporary elegance in every intricate pattern.”

          Mehndi is an ancient art form deeply rooted in multiple cultures. It involves the use of henna, a natural dye, to create the entire design on the skin.

          In India, on various occasions such as weddings & ceremonies, one tradition that is particularly popular among women is the application of henna on their hands and feet.

          I also love to apply mehndi on my hands and feet during every traditional and wedding occasion. When I was in school, I used to watch my mother apply mehndi on her hands and feet, and I also wanted to apply it on my hands. However, my school did not allow the usage of henna.

          There are several reasons and significances mentioned in history and ancient texts about why mehndi is applied during weddings, but there is no fixed certainty about any of them.


History of Mehndi

Mehndi is an ancient practice that dates back thousands of years and originated in cultures such as Egypt, India, and the Middle East. Initially, it was used for its cooling properties and applied to the palms & soles of the feet.

          As time passed, this became one of the popular forms of body adornment, especially during weddings, festivals, and celebrations. Nowadays, mehndi is one of the treasured cultural traditions and a symbol of good fortune.

Importance of Mehndi Design

Simple Mehndi designs for hands and feet are highly valued in many cultures & traditions. These mehndi designs represent happiness, beauty, and the positive nature of special events.

          Mehndi is believed to bring good fortune & protect against negative forces. Additionally, it is considered a form of art therapy that encourages relaxation & mindfulness when being applied.

Factors to consider before choosing a simple mehendi design for hands and feet

When selecting an easy simple mehndi design, several factors should be taken into consideration.

  • Occasion:The design should be appropriate for the event or celebration.
  • Personal Style: Choose an easy design that resonates with your taste & personality.
  • Complexity: Simple mehndi designs are suitable for beginners, while intricate patterns require advanced skills.
  • Placement: Decide whether you want this easy simple mehndi design on your hands, & feet, or to adorn both with the designs.
  • Time Constraints: Consider the time required to apply this easy simple design, especially if you have limited availability.

Tips for applying Mehndi designs

If you want a long-lasting mehndi design, consider the following tips:

  • Preparing the mehndi paste for mehndi designs: It is important to use high-quality powder & mix it with the right amount of water & essential oils to make a smooth paste.
  • Using applicator cones for mehndi designs: Practice using applicator cones to achieve precise & controlled lines. You can either make your cones using plastic bags or buy ready-made cones.
  • Practicing on paper or skin: Before applying the design on your hands or feet, practice drawing this design/image on paper or a practice skin to familiarize yourself with the strokes & patterns.
  • Taking care of a mehndi design: After applying the paste, allow it to dry completely before gently scraping it off. Avoid washing the area with water immediately after removing the paste to allow the color to develop fully.

Mehndi Designs Care

Caring for your mehndi design properly will ensure it looks its best and lasts longer. Here are some key steps:

Avoid water contact: Do not wash the mehndi area with water for at least 12 to 24 hours after removing the dried paste, as washing with water can fade the color prematurely.

Apply lemon-sugar mixture: After removing the mehndi paste, apply a mixture of lemon juice and sugar to the dried design to intensify the color & enhance its longevity.

Protect from friction: Do not rub or scrub the mehndi design vigorously, as friction can cause the design to fade or peel off.

Moisturize regularly: To Keep the area moisturized use natural oils, such as coconut or olive oil, to keep the design from drying out & also to keep the skin hydrated.

Mehndi Designs for Different Occasions

Mehndi is suitable for a wide range of occasions, including:

Weddings: Mehndi is the one of most important wedding accessories and is used to decorate the bride’s hands and feet with intricate designs. This is also customary for the brides & grooms to wear mehndis during wedding celebrations.

Festivals: Mehndi is also an essential part of cultural festivals of Hindus and Muslims like Eid, Diwali, and Karva Chauth. These mehendi designs add a festive touch to tradition and reflect the celebratory spirit of these occasions.

Cultural Events: Mehndi’s design is often showcased at cultural events, promoting cultural heritage and unity among diverse communities.

Things required for creating mehndi designs

Here are the few things required for mehendi designs:

  • Mehndi cone: A Mehndi cone, also known as a Mehndi dye pouch, is a small pouch made with thin, flexible, cellulose- or plastic-like material. This is shaped like a cone and contains a small amount of mehndi paste.
  • Essential oils: A few drops of essential oils, such as lavender or tea tree oil, can added to the mehndi paste to help it release a pleasant fragrance and potentially improve the stain.
  • Stencils: Mehndi stencils, also known as mehndi patterns on the skin, are premade designs that are used to create intricate and beautiful mehndi patterns. It is a popular option for people who want to achieve professional-looking mehndi designs without having to hand over intricate details themselves. Mehndi stencils are typically made with plastic, vinyl, or other flexible materials. They come in a wide variety of designs, from traditional Indian and Arabic motifs to floral patterns, geometric shapes, and even modern designs.
  • Sugar and water solution: This is used to make the mehndi designs paste sticky and help it adhere to the skin.
  • Cotton swabs: This is used to clean up any mistakes or smudges in the mehndi designs.
  • Toothpicks: This can used to create fine details in the mehndi designs.

Here is our list of some of the popular mehendi designs that are popular in India and other parts of the World.

Simple Mehndi Designs For Your Hands

Floral Pattern Simple Mehndi Designs

Floral mehndi designs are easy mehendi design yet beautiful and are a popular choice due to their versatility.

          Depending on your preference, this floral easy front-hand simple mehndi design can be created with varying levels of intricacy on the front and the back side and can be customized to suit any occasion.

          If you are looking for some inspiration, here are a few ideas for some of the best floral mehndi designs for hands that are simple and easy to create.

Delicate floral Simple Mehendi Design

This easy floral simple mehandi design is classic, easy, and elegant, making it suitable for any occasion. Begin by placing a few small flowers at the back of your hand, and let them form a vine-like pattern as they trail down your arm.

Image of this simple mehndi design:

A bouquet of blooms Simple Mehendi Design

This easy floral simple mehndi design is perfect for a special occasion and is more elaborate. Firstly, create a large bouquet on the back of your hand. Then, add easy & smaller flowers & leaves images around the edges.

          If you are a bridesmaid and you have a mehndi ceremony to attend, you can try these easy front-hand simple mehndi designs.

Mandala Simple Mehndi Designs

Mandala mehndi designs a stunning and easy type of body art that blends the classic circular patterns of floral mandalas with the fluid designs of simple mehndi.

          These easy floral mandala mehendi designs are frequently used to celebrate special occasions, such as weddings, festivals, and cultural events.

Here are some popular easy mandala simple mehndi designs for hands:

Full-hand mandala Mehndi Designs:

This easy mehendi design covers the entire hand, from the palm to the fingertips, with a large central mandala & smaller floral mandalas or paisley motifs around it.

Image of these simple mehndi designs :

Backhand mandala simple mehendi design

This easy simple mehendi design highlights a large or multiple smaller floral mandalas on the back of the hand.

Image of these simple mehndi designs:

Geometric Shapes Simple Mehndi Designs

Geometric shapes are easy and simple mehndi designs that can give a modern contemporary twist to traditional mehndi designs to your hand.

          Combining squares, triangles, & chevron patterns you can create visually easy striking, and unique designs for your hand. If you prefer a bold with edgy style, then this geometric simple mehndi design would be perfect for you.

          Here are some easy simple mehndi designs for the hands featuring this geometric shape/image:

Paisley Chain Simple Mehendi Design

This simple mehndi design for hand features a series of connected paisley shapes, providing a way to include a geometric element in a more traditional design. Adding dots or small lines of mehndi design simply on hands within the paisleys can add extra detail to this design.

Image of these simple mehndi design:

Triangular Motifs Simple Mehendi Designs

Triangles are highly versatile geometric shapes. This can be utilized to create an array of different designs.

          One can create an easy simple mehendi design on hand by drawing a simple series of interconnected triangles, or opt for the more intricate approach by using triangles design of different sizes & orientations.

Image of these simple mehndi design:

Checkered Patterns Simple Mehendi Designs

Creating checkered patterns with simple mehndi design is easy & versatile. For this design can use squares, diamonds, or other shapes to create a fun & unique design on your hand.

Image of these simple mehendi designs:

Peacock Motifs Simple Mehndi Designs

Image of these simple mehndi design :

These peacock mehndi designs are a classic, easy, and captivating element in mehndi art, symbolizing beauty, grace, and abundance with their intricate feather detailing.

          Here are some simple mehndi designs for hands featuring this peacock motif:

Single peacock feather simple mehendi designs

This is a classic and one of the simple mehndi design for beginners. You can draw this mehndi design simple with cone starting with a single peacock feather on your hand or bottom, or you can produce a more elaborate design by adding swirls & patches.

Peacock eye and vines simple mehendi designs

The peacock’s eye is another popular motif that is a simple mehndi design to produce. You can simply draw a circle with a fleck in the center, or you can add further detail by drawing lines & shapes around the circle to adorn this mehndi design for hand.

Image of these simple mehndi designs:

Mehndi vines with peacocks and simple mehndi designs

This design is a bit more complex, but it is still relatively easy to create. You can draw a simple vines on your hand or foot, and then add peacocks perched on the vines in this. You can create these mehndi design for the wedding occasion if you are a beginner.

Image of these simple mehndi designs:

Arabic Simple Mehndi Designs

Arabic Mehndi designs are characterized by their modern intricate & flowing motifs. These Arabic design are often floral or paisley in nature & often feature geometric shapes.

          However, there are plenty of beautiful and simple Arabic Mehndi designs that can be used by beginners or those looking for a more subtle look.

          Here are a few ideas for the simple Arabic Mehndi design for hands:

Paisley Arabic Simple Mehndi Designs

This paisley is a classic motif in Arabic mehndi design. Simple arabic paisley on the back of your hand or fingers is one of the most popular paisley designs in Arab mehndi designs.

Image of these simple mehndi designs:

Dotted Arabic Simple Mehndi Designs

These Arabic simple dots and lines on your hand or fingers can be as beautiful as more elaborate designs. These simple mehndi designs are easy to make, so these Arabic simple designs are perfect for beginners.

Image of these simple mehndi designs:

Vine Arabic Simple Mehndi Designs

A simple vine Arabic design that can be created on your hands or feet is another beautiful & elegant paisley design. You can make this design as simple or as complex as you want.

Image of these simple mehndi designs

Floral Arabic Simple Mehndi Designs

A small Arabic floral mehandi design on your back or fingers is a beautiful & feminine paisley design. This is easy to make.

Image of these simple mehndi designs

Bridal Simple Mehndi designs

Bridal Mehndi is a beautiful and intricate Mehndi design that is part of the Asian wedding tradition. This bridal mehndi is applied on the bride’s hands and feet in the days before the wedding.

          There are many different types of bridal simple mehndi designs. The traditional and modern bridal mehndi designs are some of the most popular bridal mehndi designs for a bride.

Traditional Bridal Simple Mehndi Designs

These designs are often very detailed, with floral elements, paisleys, & geometric motifs. This often features symbols such as elephants that represent strength & wealth, and peacocks that represent beauty & joy.

Image of these simple mehndi designs

A Modern Bridal Simple Mehndi Designs

These designs tend to be more simple and geometric than traditional simple mehndi designs for brides. This is the modern Mehndi designs which include modern elements like mandalas, feathers and with calligraphy, etc.

Image of these simple mehndi designs

Personalized Simple Mehndi Designs

One of the best ways to add a touch of uniqueness to your Mehndi design experience is through personalized Mehndi designs. These designs allow you to include easy elements that reflect who you are, what you love, and moments that are special to you.

          Here are a few ideas for personalized simple mehndi design:

Hobbies or interests Simple Mehndi Designs

If music is your hobby you can incorporate musical notes and instruments with your favorite musician portrait in this mehndi design.

Image of these simple mehndi designs

Your Love Story Simple Mehndi Designs

If you are getting married and you have the option to include the best elements as they represent your love story, then you can add them to this design to adorn an easy simple design to your hand.

          For example, you can include the date of your first meeting, your initials, or even a small representation of your proposal on this simple mehendi design.

Image of these simple mehndi designs

Special Dates or Symbols Simple Mehndi Designs

You can also include significant events in your life, like birthdays, anniversaries, or graduation. You can also include traditional and religious symbols that are meaningful to you.

Image of these simple mehndi designs

Modern Simple Mehndi Designs

Modern simple mehndi is a style of modern mehndi that is ideal for people who want to wear mehndi but don’t want to commit to a complicated design.

          These simple mehndi design styles are characterized by simple lines, and geometric shapes with minimal embellishments. The designs are ideal for easy everyday wear or when you want to add a touch of elegance to your look.

          Here are some of the common modern simple mehendi designs for women:

Minimalist Simple Mehendi designs

If you want to keep your mehndi simple, go for a minimalist mehendi design. The design could mean using just a few lines or dots to create a subtle & elegant look.

Image of these simple mehndi designs

Finger Simple Mehendi Designs

If you want to wear the design only on the fingers, then this is the mehendi design you can try on the fingers.

          This easy-finger simple mehndi design can also worn on the back of the fingers for a simple mehndi design or wrapped around the fingers if you want a more complex look.

Image of these simple mehndi designs


Simple Mehndi Designs For Your Feet

Paisley Simple Mehndi Design

This is the classic, easy mehndi design of feet and it is a perfect for the beginners as it involves creating simple and easy paisley shapes and swirls. You can add easy dots or small flower motifs to the center of your paisleys.

This easy simple mehendi design for the feet can applied on bridal feet.

Image of these simple mehndi designs

Dotted Simple Mehndi Designs

This design is the simple, elegant, and easy to customize. In this design, you can add lines of dots, groups of dots, and even use dots to create small shapes.

Image of these simple mehndi designs

Leaf Simple Mehndi Design

This leaf simple mehndi design is a great option if you are a beginner. This design you can create with simple leaves of different shapes and sizes. You can also add details like veins and small dots.

Image of these simple mehndi designs

Geometric Simple Mehendi Design

This design is the contemporary variation of the classic easy Mehndi design. Simple geometric shapes such as squares, triangles, & circles can be used, or more intricate patterns can be used.

This mehndi design can be created on the bride’s feet.

Image of these simple mehndi designs


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do mehndi designs take to dry?

A Simple designs of mehndi typically take 1-2 hours to dry, but drying time can affected by humidity, temperature, and the thickness of the mehndi design.

How long does Mehndi’s design color last?

The mehndi design color typically lasts for 1-2 weeks and gradually fades as the skin exfoliates. The longer you leave the henna paste on your skin, the deeper the stain will be and the longer it will last.

          Ideally, you should leave Mehndi’s designs on for at least 2-6 hours. Oilier skin tends to hold the stain better than dry skin.

Can I apply Mehndi designs on sensitive skin?

Yes if you have sensitive skin then you can apply mehndi (henna) on sensitive skin, but with a few precautions

  • Choose natural henna: Opt for a pure, natural henna powder that is free of added chemicals.
  • Patch test first: Apply a small amount of henna paste to a discreet area and wait 48 hours to check for any reactions.
  • Minimize additives: Lemon juice & essential oils can sometimes irritate sensitive skin.
  • Remove if irritation occurs: If you experience redness, itching, or any discomfort, wash the henna off immediately.

Can I remove the Mehndi designs color quickly?

Mehndi designs color fades naturally over time as the skin exfoliates. You can also speed up the fading process by gently exfoliating or using natural lightening agents like lemon juice.

Can I use black henna for Mehndi designs?

It is not recommended to use black henna as black henna may contain harmful chemical additives like para-phenylenediamine (PPD).

          Natural henna, which gives a reddish-brown color, is considered safe and widely used for mehndi designs.



Mehndi’s designs offer a fascinating and diverse world of artistic expression, catering to different tastes and occasions.

          Above listed mehndi designs for hands and feet are not only aesthetically captivating but also represent joy, celebration, and auspicious occasions in various communities across the globe.

Please let us know in the comments section below or email us via the contact page at “The Simple Indianif you want to apply one mehndi design on your hands and feet then which is your favorite design among all the above designs? Remember, we are always here to answer your questions and hear your suggestions. Become a part of The Simple Indian family today 🙂

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