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Best Badminton Shoes in India 2024


Badminton is one of the fastest-paced sports, consisting of rapid direction changes and sudden movements. Players must have good badminton shoes to deal with the difficult demands of play. Buying regular trainers or running shoes is beginner badminton players’ most common mistake.

          This will make them less effective and increase the risk of injury while playing. The sole of the badminton shoes is thin enough to reduce its centre of gravity, making it less susceptible to injury.

          As per our recommendation, the best badminton shoe is the ASICS Blade FF Men’s Badminton Shoe. This badminton shoe gives good support, flexibility and performance on the badminton court.

          If you are looking for badminton shoes, the following tips should be considered.

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List of best badminton shoes in India 2024

Here is our list of the 9 best badminton shoes in India for outdoor and indoor courts, based on their features and categories-

Asics Blade Men’s Badminton Shoe

Best Overall

ASICS Blade Men's

Asics Blade FF Men’s Badminton Shoe is one of the best badminton shoes for men. This badminton shoe helps create good support, flexibility and performance for squash and badminton players engaging in multi-directional movements on the badminton court. If you are a player and looking for the best badminton shoes with the comfort and stability, you can buy this pair of shoes.

          The shoe has a raised heel collar height and has power cushion technology that enhances your performance, and stability and keeps the foot from slipping out of the shoe. The TWISTRUSS technology allow you for faster direction changes between a stop and a full sprint when making quick transitions.

          The upper material of badminton shoes are reinforced so that it enhance your foothold, performance, and support to your feet.

Price: Rs 6,929


  • Category: Men
  • Outer Material: Synthetic fiber
  • Inner Material: Duofoam
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Weight: 500 g


  • The shoe has a reinforced in their upper material and a raised heel collar for secure lockdown during quick direction changes on the court.
  • The shoe is light in weight, which keeps the shoe agile and minimizes fatigue.


  • The synthetic materials used in the shoe make it warm and less breathable, which can cause discomfort during long games.

Li-Ning Men’s Badminton Shoes

If Money is not an object

Li-Ning Blade Badminton

Li-Ning Men’s Badminton Shoes are the ultimate companion and one of the best shoes for badminton enthusiasts like you, if you are seeking peak performance without getting hurt on the court and want to enhance your performance

          This Li Ning badminton shoe features a non-marking rubber outsole that provides an exceptional level of comfort, traction and grip without leaving any scuffs on indoor court surfaces.

          The BOUNSE+ cushioning technology of the Li Ning shoe in the midsole protects your every move and delivers a responsive feel. The Li Ning shoe’s upper material is crafted from a combination of textile, synthetic, and TPU, which offers a lightweight yet durable construction.

          The Li Ning Blade Pro boasts a rubber outsole with TPU support, enhancing benefits to you like stability and minimizing the risk of rolling your ankle also providing shock absorption.

          Yonex Aerus Z Men’s Power Cushion Badminton Shoes is another shoe from the Yonex brand available in this price range. Yonex Aerus Z comes with power cushion technology which provides benefits like comfort and support to your feet.

Price: Rs 11,195


  • Category: Men
  • Outer Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane
  • Inner Material: Phylon Midsole
  • Sole Type & Material: Rubber with TPU Support
  • Weight: 300 g


  • The shoes are very light in weight.
  • This Li Ning shoe can also be used as a unisex shoe.


  • The Li Ning Blade Pro has a narrow fit, so it may not be the best choice for the players with wide feet.

Nivia HY Men’s Badminton Shoe

Value for Money

Nivia HY Badminton

Nivia HY Men’s Badminton Shoe is one of best badminton shoes and is affordable. It is made of sublimated tonal shade polyester mesh fused with TPU film, which makes the shoe lightweight and durable.

          The non-marking rubber outsole provides ground traction & stability to the player. The soft power cushion NR EVA inner insole in their badminton shoes is better in cushioning and shock absorption to the feet on the badminton court while playing.

          The outsole of badminton shoes is equipped with multi-directional grooves to adapt to the diverse footsteps and stability required in badminton dynamics on the court.

Price: Rs 1,510


  • Category: Men
  • Outer Material: Mesh with Fusion Technology
  • Inner Material: Duofoam
  • Sole Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Weight: 900 g


  • The shoe gives no creaking sound while walking.
  • You can also wear these shoes for other outdoor sports.


  • The inner cushion is a bit hard and can also cause pain after playing for 2-3 hours.

Victor Men’s Badminton Shoes

VICTOR Badminton

Victor Men’s Badminton Shoes is the flagship shoe of the All-Around series, which features well-fitting wear, comfort, and performance. This Victor is among the best badminton shoes for men, engineered with upgraded HYPEREVA and shock-absorbing power cushion.

          The Vistor’s E-TPU base improves its light weight and rebounds performance. The heel protection tab design and power cushion on the Victor badminton shoes that enhance the comfort and fit of feet on the badminton court.

          The midsole of this Victor shoe is upgraded with HYPEREVA material, which increases the performance and grip of shoe. The V-shaped shoe is designed to reduce the excess space at the front toe for comfort and stability on the court.

Price: Rs 10,320


  • Category: Men
  • Outer Material: Mesh, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Inner Material: Duofoam
  • Sole Type & Material: VRS Rubber
  • Weight: 700 g


  • The badminton shoes come with a breathable upper that offers exceptional cushioning and responsiveness.
  • These Victor shoes come with a padded tongue and collar that provides a comfortable grip and fit to move freely.


  • These shoes may not be a good fit for people with wider feet.

Yonex SHB Men’s Badminton Shoes

Yonex SHB Badminton

Yonex SHB Men’s Badminton Shoes are developed with power cushion technology. It is one of the best badminton shoes that comes with the 3 times more shock-absorption power.

          The distinctive design of Yonex shoes reduces pressure on the big toe while enhancing support at the midfoot and heel which results in a secure and stable fit for the feet.

          The outer material of Yonex badminton shoes are equipped with the well-known Double Russel Mesh, which is an ultra-fine mesh making the shoe extremely lightweight and durable.

Price: Rs 4,130


  • Category: Men
  • Outer Material: Nylon with Double Russel Mesh
  • Inner Material: Synthetic Resin
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Weight: 950 g


  • The cushioning of badminton shoes is done properly, which gives benefits like full grip to the feet.
  • The double russel mesh helps in proper ventilation and also help release moisture.


  • The Yonex shoe features a harder rubber base that offers less bounce like Yonex 65 z.

Asics Women’s Badminton Shoe

Asics Womens Badminton

Asics Women’s Badminton Shoe is a shoe tailored for women badminton players who are engage in extended rallies and have a dynamic style characterized such as high jumps and powerful smashes.

          The upper material of badminton shoes are a PU base material reinforced with mesh ensuring a high level of comfort, durability, and breathability to move back and fro freely.

          The midsole integrates with synthetic resin (Phylon), Midsole power cushion, along with rearfoot gel technology, providing superior cushioning and impact absorption which allows players to move comfortably on the court

Price: Rs 7,699


  • Category: Women
  • Inner Material: Phylon Synthetic Resin
  • Outer Material: Polyurethane
  • Sole Type & Material: Rubber
  • Weight: 500 g


  • The outer part has flexion grooves that deliver stability of your feet during multidirectional movement during playing.
  • The bottom base of shoes made of 100% rubber provides better grip and shock absorption for your feet.


  • The shoe’s inner cushioning is not sweatproof, leading to excessive sweating.

Yonex Unisex Badminton Shoes

Yonex Power Cushion

Yonex Unisex Badminton Shoes are the latest badminton shoes available in the Power Cushion series, with a attractive looks and colour combinations. This Yonex shoe is developed using power cushion technology. It offers better cushioning and comfort to the player. In contrast, the player can play long badminton games with less fatigue, allowing players to enjoy the game.

          These Yonex badminton shoes have a wide upper design, so women players with wider feet can wear this model.

          The Yonex badminton Shoe’s PU-based synthetic fibre offers a lightweight and durable upper base for durable performance. At the same time, the high-quality mesh provides a better feel and comfort.

          You can also check out Mizuno Wave Claw Neo Non-Marking Badminton Shoe in the unisex category, which is an ideal shoe for the indoor and outdoor courts. They come in power cushion technology for better gripping.

Price: Rs 3,290


  • Category: Women/Unisex
  • Inner Material: Synthetic Resin and Pylon base material
  • Outer Material: Neoprene with mesh
  • Sole Material: 100 % Rubber
  • Weight: 500 g


  • The sole of badminton shoes provides better grip and shock absorption.


  • These Yonex shoes bend during play and can cause discomfort for the player.

Asics Men’s Sports Shoes

ASICS Men Sports

Asics Men’s Sports Shoes is a highly supportive, stable, and protective shoe for indoor and outdoor players. These sports shoes have the latest Asics technologies like lightweight outsole and midsole TPU TRUSSTIC power cushion, which help create better shock absorption and a softer feel underfoot.

          The shoe is curved in the middle to provide stability for players performing dynamic movements. The breathable mesh guarantees maximum air circulation and has breathable holes to enhance fresh air to the feet.

          The synthetic leather used in the outer material makes it lightweight. It helps to repel water, protect it from dirt, and provide more durability and performance.

Price: Rs 6,499


  • Category: Sports Shoes
  • Inner Material: Duofoam
  • Outer Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Sole Material: TPU Trusstic
  • Weight: 500 g


  • The signature ASICS GEL technology in the rearfoot absorbs shock effectively, reducing the impact on your joints.
  • The mesh upper with breathable holes ensures good ventilation and cools your feet.


  • Some users with wider feet report experiencing discomfort.

Adidas Men’s Sports Shoes

Adidas Mens Sports

Adidas Men’s Sports Shoes is a versatile running shoe suitable for various workouts and activities. It is known for its comfortable fit, responsive cushioning, and breathable upper.

          These Adidas running shoes feature an engineered knit upper that adapts to your footstrike to give you extra control over your run.

          The responsive ortho-lite sock liner provides better cushioning. The shoe’s synthetic soles offer good traction and grip on various surfaces.

Price: Rs 2,131


  • Category: Sports Shoes
  • Inner Material: Ortholite forma
  • Outer Material: Pu and Textile
  • Sole Material: Polyurethane, Rubber
  • Weight: 850 g


  • The snug collar and lacing system offer a secure fit for stability.


  • It is great for casual wear and light activity but might need more support for high-impact workouts and sports.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Yonex a good brand for shoes?

Yonex is one of the top brands of badminton shoes. It manufactures high-quality badminton shoes and incorporates the best technology in its production. Shock absorption, relaxation, and comfort are the key benefits of its shoes so that players do not get hurt while playing on the court.

What is the best brand for badminton shoes?

The best brands for badminton shoes are Yonex, Li-Ning, Victor, and Asics. These brands manufacture the best quality, comfort, and affordable range of badminton shoes.

What is the difference between badminton shoes and running shoes?

The difference between badminton shoes and running shoes are:


How to find out if your badminton shoes have a non-marking?

Put a piece of clean white paper on the floor. Rub the sole on the white piece of paper with force, but do not tear the paper. Look for a scuff mark on the paper. You do not have non-marking shoes if you find a scuff mark like a spot.

Which type of shoes are best for badminton?

Badminton and other indoor sports, such as tennis and squash, usually require no marking shoes. They are designed for purpose, often with gum soles to prevent you from leaving floor marks when playing. It is recommended to replace your badminton shoes every 6-12 months or when you notice significant wear and tear, such as loss of cushioning, less comfort and stability, compromised grip, and traction.



It is important to choose a proper badminton shoe to enhance performance and prevent injuries on the field. In our comprehensive analysis, we have highlighted the importance of factors such as grip, support, cushioning, weight, and traction that enhance the player’s performance and comfort.


As per our recommendation, the best badminton shoe is Asics Blade FF Men’s Badminton Shoe. These shoes have a raised heel collar height that enhances your performance on the court with better comfort and stability for you.

          Please let us know in the comments section below or email us via the call or contact page at “The Simple Indian “, which is your favorite pick out of the lists of best badminton shoes in India! Remember, we are always here to answer your questions and hear your suggestions.

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