best dj amplifier  in india

By: The Simple Indian

Pyle Pro Professional Audio DJ Amplifier

It features Bluetooth wireless music streaming, a safety-conscious power switch, power LED indicators, shockproof binding posts, and automatic cooling fans

Crown XTi 2 Series 4002 PA DJ Amplifier

It is powerful and versatile, so you can use it for all kinds of audio, from live sound to Ding to karaoke, It also has a special section for tuning the system

DaBeatz DA 20 Amplifier for DJ Disco

It is unique in that it allows you to split a single audio signal into up to 20 different outputs. This makes it ideal for distributing music to multiple speakers 

Yamaha PX8 8 800W Class D Amplifier

Yamaha PX8 provides 800W at 8 ohms in a compact chassis and can be used for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications

Crown XLI 1500  DJ Amplifier

The Crown XLi 1500 Stereo Power Amplifier is a versatile and powerful amplifier designed for a variety of applications, including live sound, recording, and playback

Rockville 3000 Watt Peak 2  Amplifier

The Rockville RPA9 3000-watt power amplifier is a lightweight powerhouse that delivers great sound. It is engineered using advanced design and components

Ahuja TZA2000DP 2 Zone  Amplifiers

The Abuja TZA2000DP 2 Zone PA Mixer Amplifier is a sound system powerhouse, capable of delivering crystal-clear audio to multiple zones simultaneously

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