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Best Attar for Men: Top Fragrances for Every Occasion

Attar, a type of perfume used in India for centuries, is prized for both its attractive aroma and its medicinal properties. Men often seek out the best attar due to its unique blend of natural elements like flowers, herbs, and spices, along with essential oils. This combination gives attar a strong, lingering aroma that is ideal for Indians.

          Since there are so many different types of attars available, choosing good attar perfume can be a challenge. However, our comprehensive information will help you to find best attars for men. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at them one at a time.

List of the Best Attar For Men

The Man Company 100% Alcohol-Free Attar

Best Attar For Men Overall

Best Attar for Men: The Man Company 100% Alcohol-Free Attar

The Man Company’s Farid Emir Attar is an alcohol-free perfume oil designed for men. This fragrance boasts a 35% concentration of perfume oil, promising a long-lasting and premium scent experience. The unique fragrance itself is lively and ideal for special occasions or leaving a lasting impression at work.


  • The Attar perfume premium fragrance transports you to the land of timeless royalty.
  • Attar unique fragrance is perfect for making a lasting impression at work & on special occasions.
  • The attar perfume non-alcoholic luxury fragrance enhances charm wherever you go


  • Some users find the fragrance nauseating, likening it to soap.

Menjewell Floral, Sandalwood Attar

Best Attar for Men: Value for Money Fragrances

Best Attar for Men: Menjewell Floral, Sandalwood Attar

Menjewell offers a captivating Attar Gift Pack of pack of 6, featuring a blend of Floral and Sandalwood fragrances. This provides deep, sensual scents perfect for evening wear, boasting long-lasting & strong aromas.

          The pleasant smell reflects one’s rich refined taste, making it suitable for all. Each pack of attar perfume, including Rose Fresh, Rudraksha, Royal Mogra, Raat Ki Rani, Chandan-E-khaas, & Oud Wood Musk, can be applied with ease on pulse points for a lasting effect.


  • The attar perfume (pack of 6) is used for everyday wear or religious purposes.
  • The Attar perfume has long-lasting & strong fragrances.
  • You can apply it on the back of your earlobes, nape of your neck, wrists, or wherever you wish.


  • The vials are only 3ml each, that may not be enough to use for a long time.

Woodsmokes Aseel Attar

Best Attar for Men: If Money is Not an Object

Woodsmokes Aseel Attar is a 10ml white alcohol-free perfumes oil designed for men. This attar fragrance is curated with a blend of essential oils, herbs, and attars, creating an intense and lasting Oriental Arabian scent.

          Because it’s alcohol-free, it’s claimed to be non-sensitizing and gentle on the skin. While the exact ingredients of attars remain unknown, their fragrance reportedly captures the essence of various flowers, roots, and leaves, making this attar suitable for a variety of occasions.


  • It is crafted with a unique mix of essential oils, herbs, & attars.
  • The Attar perfume is suitable for sensitive skin as it lacks irritating alcohol.
  • You will get a intense oriental Arabian fragrances that linger.


  • Avoid direct contact with attar near sensitive areas of skin like eyes & ears.

Indra Sugandh Best Sandal Attar

Best Attar for Men: Indra Sugandh Best Sandal Attar

Indra Sugandh Bhandar offers an Indra Sugandh Sandal Attar named Shahi Mysore Chandan. This sandalwood oil is pure and natural, originating from our state of Mysore in Karnataka, India.

          This attar oil is reputed to offer an incredible 48-hour scent from only a few drops due to its vibrant concentration, while the attar comes in a fancy package and promises long-lasting effects.


  • This alcohol-free luxury natural attar perfume oil features 100% concentrated high-quality sandalwood ittar.
  • The scent of this attar perfume features Shahi Mysore Quality Chandan with top saffron notes.
  • The Attar perfumes offer classic, premium, & extremely lasting fragrances without alcohol.


  • Some users dislike the packaging of attar perfumes.

Soulful Perfumery Oudh Attar Roll on Perfume

Best Attar for Men: Soulful Perfumery Oudh Attar Roll on Perfume

Soulful Perfumery offers a 12ml roll-on attar named “Secret” that boasts a luxurious and lasting (18+ hours) fragrance. This attar perfume oil is artisanally crafted. The perfume oil will last for 18+ hours.

          The attar perfume oil, named “Secret,” is crafted using alcohol-free, artisanal methods. The fragrance notes of this perfume oil are a secret. However, we can tell you that this attar have a strong and possibly smoky fragrance with a hint of sweetness. This attar perfume oil is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement.


  • This attar perfume is alcohol-free.
  • This attar perfume has a strong and powerful smell.
  • This attar perfume is vegan, cruelty-free, and free of nasties like Paraben-free, and Phthalate-free.


  • None

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s About the Best Attar for Men

Which attar is best for men?

The Man Company 100% Alcohol-Free Attar Perfume is one of best attars for men. It is 100% alcohol-free with premium long-lasting fragrance and highly concentrated perfume oil, that may indeed appeal to many men.

Which is the long-lasting attar in India?
Best Attar for Men: Long lasting Attar in india

The longest-lasting attar is determined by the concentration, the components, and the application. High perfume oil content (35%+) and base notes such as oudh, musk, or sandalwood increase the longevity of the attar.

Which attar is most expensive?
Best Attar for Men: Expensive Attar
Features:Best Attar for Men

Agarwood Attar, also known as Oudh Attar or Oudh, is one of the most popular and expensive types of attar. Oud Attar is make from the heartwood of agarwood tree and Oudh is known for both rich and complex aroma.

What smell of attar is best?
Best Attar for Men

The best attar scent is floral, fresh, woody, earthy, sophisticated, musk, deep, sensual, spicy, warm, mysterious, and fresh. white sultan jannat jannat.


Conclusion: Embrace the Timeless Charm of the Best Attar for Men

If you are looking for complex attar scents that develop on men’s skin in a unique way, the classic attars listed above are sensual, masculine choices for all occasions. The good alcohol-free attars give you authentic woody, spicy and musk perfumer oil compositions without irritating your skin.

          Please let us know in our our comments section below or email us via the contact page at “The Simple Indian, which is your favourite pick out of the list! Remember, we are always here to answer your questions and hear your suggestions. Become a part of The Simple Indian family today 🙂

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